Big card continuous labeling equipment

The equipment parameter:

Equipment size (about) : 3643mm*1008mm*1401mm(length * width * height)

Weight: about 300kg

Power used: AC220V/ 3.25kw

Production efficiency: 2.5 seconds/sheet (specific according to the paper card size)

Maximum width of paper card: 500mm

Air suction device: available (self-closing)

Partial pull mechanism: yes (single leading positive)

Driving mode: servo motor (including trip reducer)

Maximum tag width: 120mm

Maximum diameter: 320mm

Label accuracy: ± 0.5mm

Operating speed :(0-20 m)/min (adjustable)

Fixed mode: gantry fixed adjustment mode

Basic equipment functions: send card, labeling,receiving


System functional parameters:

You can separate off any labelling machine

Automatic speed adjustment

Air suction device (adjustable suction size)

Photoelectric controller for electrical components (adopt panasonic, keenshi brand)

Missing materials, broken marks (automatic alarm)

Count, arrive, pause, start (all set)