Single labeling equipment

The equipment parameter:

Equipment size (about) : 2200mm*700mm*1400mm(length * width * height)

Weight of equipment: about 180kg

Power used: AC220V/ 1.5kw

Maximum width of paper card: 150mm

Air suction device: available (self-closing)

Partial pull mechanism: yes (single leading positive)

Driving mode: servo motor (including trip reducer)

Maximum tag width: 120mm

Maximum diameter: 320mm

Label accuracy: ± 0.5mm

Operating speed :(0-30 m)/min (adjustable)

Fixed mode: gantry fixed adjustment mode


System functional parameters:

Automatic speed adjustment

Air suction device (adjustable suction size)

Photoelectric controller for electrical components (adopt panasonic, keenshi brand)

Missing materials, broken marks (automatic alarm)