Roll label equipment

The equipment parameter:

Equipment size (about) : 1350mm*1200mm*1550mm(length * width * height)

Weight: approx. 150kg

Voltage: AC220V / 1.5 KW

Pull shaft: mechanical bias type

The device puts the reel and reels: air expansion type

Transmission motor: three-phase hybrid stepping type 86

Maximum label diameter :400mm

Maximum label width :150mm

Winding tension: automatic tension adjustment

Running speed :(0-30 m)/min


Labelling machine parameters:

Label width: 120mm

Maximum diameter: 320mm

Label accuracy:  (10 m/min) :±0.5mm

(20 m/min) :±0.6mm

(30 m/min) :±0.75mm

(The function is related to label size and gap)