RFID roll detection inkjet equipment

The equipment parameter:

equipment size: 1600mm*1100mm*1600mm(length * width * height)

Weight: about 200kg

Voltage: AC220V / 2 kw

Pull shaft: mechanical bias type

Transmission motor: servomotor

Maximum label diameter: 400mm

Maximum tag width: 150mm

Winding tension: automatic tension adjustment

Operating mode: step and continuous

Suitable material: rolled electronic label (adhesive label, Inlay label)

Running speed :(0-50 m)/min


Software functional parameters:

Detection system: SAIYU system

Testing function: check whether the label chip is qualified. If not, the code printer is not working

Parameters of UV printer:

Sprinkler head: ricoh G5

Maximum size: 54mm in width

Ink supply system: central ink supply system

Resolution: 600/dpi

Interface: serial port, Ethernet port, electric eye, encoder interface, print sprinkler interface

Sensors: support a variety of external sensors (NPN type, contact type)

Operating system: Windows7

Object: dynamic text, counter, date, dynamic bar code, static text, picture (dynamic)

Bar code type: 1d code (EAN28, Code25, Code39, Code93, Code128, GS1Databar)

QR Code (PDF417, DataMatrix, Maxi Code, QR Code)

The feeding accuracy: 0.25mm Max