RFID single label detection eliminate equipment

Equipment parameters:

Equipment size (about) : 2700mm*900mm*1700mm(length * width * height)

Weight: about 220kg

Voltage: AC220V / 1.5 KW

Pressure: 0.5 mpa

Conveyor belt: negative pressure type

Maximum width of paper card: 300mm

Basic functions of the equipment:send card , labeling, detection, eliminate, material collection

Suitable material: flat sheet paper card

Running speed :(0-50 m)/min


Software functional parameters:

Test software: SAIYU system

Check function:  1. Check the barcode data and EPC data

2. Check database data with EPC data

Data saving function: export Barcode, EPC, TID, USER, data saving EXCEL file

Labelling machine parameters:

Label applicable label: adhesive label, electronic label

Maximum diameter of label: 320mm

Label width: 120mm

Label accuracy: ± 0.5mm

Label drive system: servo control system

Other features:

Eliminating mechanism: when the label of the defective chip is detected, eliminate it to the waste box.

General collection: conveyor belt transfer and collection mode