RFID roll label performance detection equipment

The equipment parameter:

Equipment size (about) : 1200mm*900mm*1400mm(length * width * height)

Weight: about 180kg

Voltage: AC220V / 1.5 KW

Device release/rewinding shaft: air expansion type

Pull shaft: mechanical bias type

Transmission motor: three-phase hybrid stepping type 86

Maximum label diameter: 400mm

Maximum label width: 150mm

Winding tension: automatic tension adjustment

Operating mode: step and continuous

Applicable material: rolled electronic label (adhesive label, Inlay label)

Operation speed: 0-50 m/min (specific according to label length)


Software functional parameters:

Detection system: Tagsurance (Voyantic) system

SAIYU system

Detection mode: label frequency curve detection

Detection function: detect the label with the bad chip

Other features:

Ink-jet dot: the ink-jet dot is used as a marker when the ink-jet mark is detected

Control principle: automatic detection