Single Label encoding checking equipment

Equipment parameters:

Equipment size: 1700mm*700mm*1450mm(length * width * height)

Weight: about 220kg

Voltage: AC220V / 2 kw

Pressure: 0.5 mpa

Conveyor belt: negative pressure type

Card thickness: 0.15-3mm

Maximum width of paper card: 150mm

Suitable material: flat sheet paper card

Running speed :(0-30 m)/min

Control principle: automatic detection


Software functional parameters:

Write code system: SAIYU system

Write code mode: database write code mode

Lock tag mode:  1.LOCK EPC             2.LOCK USER


Write code function: call database write code according to bar code, import database write code

Verification system: SAIYU system

Check function: 1. Check bar code data and EPC data

2. Check database data with EPC data

Data saving function: export Barcode, EPC, TID, USER, RCSSI, date and time data to save EXCEL file


Labelling machine parameters:

Applicable label: sticker, electronic label

Maximum diameter: 320mm

Label width: 120mm

Label accuracy: ±0.5mm